Our Food

Our Promise to our Valued Customers

  • Great tasting Thai food freshly prepared by professional, experienced cooks from many regions of Thailand.
  • Select top quality ingredients.
  • A great staff, friendly and knowledgeable, with a passion to provide hospitality and a great dining experience
  • A Sparkling clean restaurant throughout

Guide to Spiciness at Racha

You can pick your level of spiciness from 0 stars to 5 stars. However some dishes at Racha must be prepared at a certain level of spiciness:

If the menu item has 1 star next to it, it cannot be prepared at a level less than 1.

If the menu item has 2 stars next to it, it cannot be prepared at a level less than 2.

If the menu item has 3 stars next to it, it cannot be prepared at a level less than 3.

If the menu item has 4 stars next to it, it cannot be prepared at a level less than 4.

Curry is our specialty

All of the curry dishes served at Racha Thai & Asian Kitchen are prepared, step by step, fresh, in house. Our curry is the most flavorful because our chef handpicks all of the ingredients to assure the highest level of freshness. In our recipes, each curry type is pre-paired with a specific kind of meat as each curry has its own distinctive taste when combined with meat. Our team of chefs have tasted every dish over and over again, until they are confident that every customer will only get pleasure from their recipes. Ingredients are combined and slow cooked with a meat selection in advance since curry becomes more and more delicious after the flavors have blended and bonded together.

Experience all of the most popular Thai curry dishes in one place – traditional flavors from northern and central to the southern part of the Kingdom of Thailand, everything from fish and prawns to beef and duck, plus vegetables or tofu curries.

Green Curry:

called “Gaeng Keow Wan” in Thai. This curry paste is made with fresh green chilies.

Panang Curry:

an Indian-inspired curry with the least vegetables among all kinds of curries

Massaman Curry:

originated in Muslim cuisine, has medium spicy flavor. The color is yellow-brown, with sweet & thick texture.

Red Curry Paste:

This spicy red curry is made from dried red chilies. This is the most popular type of curry in Thailand.

Yellow Curry:

is the least hot curry paste but it is both rich and fragrant. Turmeric gives the yellow color to this curry paste.

Thai Food:

Over the past 20 years or so, Thai food has become increasingly popular worldwide, especially in the USA and here in the Pacific Northwest. More and more people are enjoying the variety of Thai cuisine and the intriguing flavors found in Thai and other Asian dishes. It is that variety and special flavors that you will discover and enjoy at Racha Thai & Asian Kitchen. When you do, please know that it did not happen by accident. Here’s why…

In preparing to open Racha Thai & Asian Kitchen at Westfield Southcenter Mall, I took extra time to travel around Thailand. My objective was to find the best and most famous dishes of each town and region that I visited. My search took me from Bangkok north up to Mae Sai near the border with Burma, then northeast to the Thailand-Laos border, and then south to Had Yai and Songkla near the Thailand-Malaysia border.

From place to place, I talked to people about the foods of the area and asked them where I could find the best and most famous dishes in their town. From humble street-sidewalk venders to big restaurants, I compared and selected the best recipes. But, I did not stop there…I also recruited the best chefs to come join our team here at Racha Thai & Asian Kitchen to cook the best foods!

During my journey, I discovered the many great local foods that I now present to you. I also came to realize that Thailand is at the hub of many great Asian foods. Many foods of Thailand’s neighbors were well-known and popular with Thai people. So, rather than leave those recipes behind, I decided to bring the best of them to our menu for you to enjoy alongside our Thai dishes.

Fortunately (although it would be enjoyable), you do not have to spend two months like I did exploring Thailand to find the best and most famous foods it has to offer. You can simply sit back and let my team of chefs, led by Chef Deang, present you with what we believe to be the best selection of foods from the Northern, Northeastern, Central and Southern regions of Thailand, and a few from its neighbors, that you will find anywhere.

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